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Since I have been posting on reflections lately I thought that Good Friday would certainly be a great day to take time to reflect!

I have Kirk Cameron’s feed on my FB wall and well, I Love many of the posts that get sent to his blog.  It is a brilliant way to market as long as you know the content will align with what you are trying to convey….ANYWAY –

I saw a post today that said – You Killed the Author of Life!

You can find it here – http://kirkcameron.com/2013/03/you-killed-the-author-of-life/

I clicked through and read the post but my mind kept creeping back to that day in the movie theater that I watched “The Passion of the Christ”!

I make it a tradition to watch it every year at Easter time so that I may always remember that He died MY DEATH!  He took my place!

I recall being in the theater and looking away many times not be able to watch my God take MY SIN!  I remember that time in that space that I felt compelled to SCREAM OUT – STOP! STOP IT!  DON’T YOU KNOW WHO HE IS??????????????? Many times I had to remind myself to breath as I was holding my breath in hopes that the outcome would be different….that the story would some how change!  Knowing full well that it would not….

I remember very clearly leaving the theater and observing those around me…..hearing grumbles of – the Jews Killed him, the …..(insert whatever you can think of here)….are at fault.  Pilot …..blah, blah, blah…..it felt very much like what I image leaving the scene of a murder must feel like…..and a funeral….and I was fully aware that I took part in it!

I remember very clearly feeling My OWN Convictions, as all I was feeling was….

I DID it!  MY SINS are at fault.

I felt no hate for other people ….no other humans…. just for my own sin.  I felt as though I needed to go take a hard look in the mirror to allow myself to “REFLECT” on what I just witnessed.

Of course – my color for Good Friday is Red!  Red for the blood that was shed on my behalf!  

Fiction writer

I Praise God for the Death and the Resurrection!!!

Until next time – I wish for you Success!







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