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It is funny And not so funny how we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to stop and look around.

I told my husband the other day that there are days that I am SOOOO thankful for all of the running around we do.  We have five kids and one has already left to go to college with her sister half way out the door to meet her this year at ISU – I see another child whom I Love preparing her running shoes to ….get there….you know, that place that says – I’m almost a grown up now! 

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I am thankful becuase the time flies by and we get but just a few moments with our children before we have to allow them to spread their own wings and go at the world alone. 

  As I think about the differences that have come to our lives with the void that exists     because Destiny is at school, I secretly morn the idea of BOTH my girls being gone.  I know they will only be 45 minutes away and I do thank God that they choose that option because I can’t imagine living without seeing them for months……BUT…when you have a large family, then your family dynamic is drastically chnaged when a person is missing. (let alone two)

I miss Destiny beyond what I can say with words, and I know that I will miss Ashley just the same.  I already miss her and she is not gone yet.  I can only contine to pray that God will continue to cover my broken heart with Grace.  That my God will gently remind me to be excited as I watch them grow into the beautiful young ladies he has set their path for.

The Holidays remind me how lucky I am that God choose me to watch over these girls (and boys) – and so I thank my Heavenly Father for the gift of these children he has entrusted to me.

Thank you Papa!


Until next time – I wish for you Success!





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