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We now have FOUR teenagers in our house and a Ten year old who thinks he is seventeen…..you know, since he is the baby and all.

I do not have any pictures to Upload today, but Hope to add some from zachery’s birthday soon! We had another Birthday a few weeks ag0 – that Ten year old is my Noah-man and he is our youngest child and therefore, yes, he does think he is actually older than he is.

It has been a while since i have been on my blog.  I must admit, it took me a little while to remember my password. 

Summer is filled with laughter, Love, long days and nights – it is filled with a cuddle from this one and a game of cards with the family! Work is never done and play time seems long but feels short.

I Love having my kids around me all day, every day – I can’t bear the thought of my oldest going off to college, but then, I know I have given her the best base the God has given me.  We have raised her up to know and Love God – to respect herself and others – and i am hoping ALL of our children have that instilled in them – and so we must let them go – as hard as it may be – and spread their wings and see where they land!!

I Hope they all land softly when they do and that they will remember that God trusted us with them and that we Love them on Earth as much as God loves them!

Birthday’s are a celebration with a little bit of sadness mixed in for mama – i want my children to grow into kind, soft-hearted, loving fiercely people and yet, I do not want them to grow so quickly.

I look around and I just remember the days when they were newborns and totally relied on myself and my husband to take care of them, and now, they do not really need us for much – but I TRULY Cherish those moments in time when they want us to take care of them or help them or ask for our advise.

I wouldn’t have FIVE kids in this day and age if I didn’t Love children.

I look forward to the day when I can see the AHA moment on their faces about how wonderful it feels to be the parent!

Happy Birthday Zachery Taylor!  Mom & Dad Love you!!!!

Fiction writer

Love your children Fiercely TODAY!


Until next time – I wish for you Success!






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